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Friday, June 30, 2006

Partying With the Cows

It was quite the site. I was in the corral getting it ready for the sheep. The livestock was fenced out of it all summer and the grass was very high, thistle and weeds had taken over, grass had gone to seed. So there I was cutting the grass with a ... yep! A pair of scissors! Dollar Tree scissors, none the less! I left to rest and have a snack and when I came back the steers had moved in. They decided that the grass they were "not allowed" was better than what they were eating. Actually I can understand why! It is so green and lush under there because it has not been subject to the harshness of the recent heat wave we have been experiencing here at the homestead. So there I was bent over, cutting grass with the scissors right long side my steers. What a hoot. I am sure that they thought I was grazing! They did a wonderful job and I did not have to listen to a machine using gasoline and polluting the air with both exhaust fumes and noise.


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