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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

from Tue May 16, 2006

This is a post from a group I belong to that I made back in May. I meant to post it here also, but knew I could always get back to it. I am adding the picture of my new friend.

title: the most amazing thing just happened :)

I always talk to the birds *laugh*
especially chickadees because they are so easily immitated.
Earlier today, about 11 am, I noticed a mourning dove in the hawthorne tree,
calling. So I started calling back to him. When I looked later he was gone.

Then just a few minutes ago I was sitting here with a mud mask on my face, feet
up, just really enjoying relaxing because I stayed on task all day :) so I was
rewarding myself, listening to Dr Phil on the tv [had my glasses off so it was
listening lol] then I kept hearing the dove and wondered how close he was, and
realized if I could hear him over the tv, he was really, really close! So I got
up and looked out the door [everything is open because it is hot here] and there
he was, in the tree that is in front of my trailer, calling to me!

I took some pictures and I will upload the one that is the best later... but now
I need to go for my walk. :-)

What an amazing thing!
Just thought I would share!


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