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Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm Back

{coming soon picture of this sneaky hen on her nest}

I never really left, I just became a bit broken hearted. I was working on a story about Chicken Ellen and her family when one of the family members disappeared. I was so sad that I could not write. It is very hard having critters. They get sick, they die, they simply disappear, and it is hard to write about.

I have a job now, doing cargiving/companionship for a man who is 101 1/2 years old. On the weekends when I work 9 hour days it is pretty bare bones chores around here. I spend Friday afternoons getting ready for the weekend. Somewhere along the line I lost track of this Barred Rock hen who is supposed to be sleeping under my window that is at the foot of my bed.

I just figured that she had "slept out" somewhere and something just happened by and the inevitable happened.

WELL, a few days ago I was out and about and as usual I was surrounded by chickens looking to mooch some feed off of me. I spoil them rotten, when I happen by a feed barrel I always throw out a handful or so on the ground. I looked down at my little flock and counted THREE barred rock hens! THREE! THREE! THREE! I counted and counted and counted.

As it turns out she is BROODY and has a clutch of eggs in the big bedroom in the old mobile home. I could tell by her demeanor [clucking like a hen with chicks, temperamental, etc] that she was setting somewhere. SO that night I got the flashlight and looked until I found where she was setting. THANK GOD she picked a safe place. I have found more than my share of remnants of hens that have chosen poorly and have become the victim of a passing raccoon.

So I have her locked in there, very safe. She has food and water and I am going to get her a proper nest tonight and candle the eggs to see if they are any good. IF they are I will let her hatch them out, if not I will go to Shanks (I have been going here since I was a wee lass) and buy a few chicks and slip them under her in the night and she will think they are hers. I have done this before [you can find the entry in the archives].

Hens who hatch out chicks or raise a clutch from the hatchery get special status here on my homestead and get a "forever home" ... Especially if they raise more than one batch of chicks.

About that story about the snowy night... I am feeling like I can finish it up now!


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Glad to see you back, Lindy!

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