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    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    whew! what a day!

    sorry about the poor grammar and so on..... this is a C&P of an email to one of my groups... and I just do not have time to make it all "purdy" {I will spell check though *wink*}


    I am so slammed right now. today I had seven ewes lamb! LOL I almost called Moe and her daughters to come and help me get them in, but I waited for a few hours [the weather is cool but not wet so they are fine :) ] and Boom and I herded them in :D awesome dog! [course she is still working on the long line] There was some confusion. One ewe was INSISTING that the cute oh so white baby girl was HERS and the boy was not lol but they all have it straightened out. I knew that they could not both have been hers lol because they were both singles [too big to be twins]. I have one ewe that just did not put on weight this year and she had a teeny baby boy and I was satisfied that she only had one earlier then about an hour ago I panicked and searched the field and I was right... there was just the one *whew!* Big responsibility being *in charge* of all these newborns! My ewes are so "laid back" with their parenting that I keep going out and waking up all the babies to be sure everyone has eaten and I am still trying to figure out which lamb goes to which ewe, but I think I am getting it. It was hysterical this morning! LOL I got up, checked the field and was satisfied that there were no babies born. I went to the house for my breakfast and came out to start chores at 9:30 [I was watching political shows on tv lol and was late] and I went out and there were ewes and babies all over the place! Every time I turned around there was another ewe with a baby. I was trying to get all the other animals fed so I could see what was going on... and one time I counted four ewes, then five, then seven! Then two of the ewes had twins ! And then my Mitzie ewe is out with the pregnant ewes... I thought she was done with just one lamb and she had another !! LOL ... no wonder I was having trouble figuring out what lamb belonged to what ewe! They were not done yet.

    I got a new goat yesterday :) his name is Bremmer and he is a very tame neutered male and can be tied to eat brush. He is a real sweetie! I take him in at night and put him in the barn and out to "work" in the day when it is not raining :) with his water bucket. He is a real sweetie and is getting used to me.

    In years past I had help from my parents with taking care of the animal. This year with my dad's health and all I am the sole person so it leaves me really limited right now considering I am hand feeding each animal on the farm until the grass comes in [we are having some warmer temps next week so maybe we can grow some grass :) so I am taking care of 2 horses 6 ponies, two big steers, three weanling steers, 10 goats + babies, three rabbits 30+ chickens, a whole bunch of farm cats lol, and all the sheep. Boy am I having fun!!!!

    I made the remark today that I always want to run away to the mountains... then I though about it and said "That only seems true" the truth being all I really want to do is farm and run away to the mountains when I get some free time :) and that is coming soon.

    take care I'll kiss the babies for you !!!

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    today is optimistic

    {Picture is Table Rock... A place I hope to hike this summer! }

    I got up this morning. I have found I am more likely to get up and get dressed *laughs* if I put my clothes IN the bed with me the night before. Then there is no getting dressed in COLD clothes.

    I stumbled out to do chores. I fed the chickens :) calling them is so fun "Tooook Toook Tooook!" and "CHICKEN ELLEN!" and they come running. Then I fed the calves their grain, took note that they are going to need hay today, and then drug a bale of hay out behind the barnyard to feed the ewes and do a morning check for lambs.

    The fog was really heavy. I am kicking myself for not having my camera with me. I could see all the way to Washington this morning. St Helens and I think Adams. Also Hood looked absolutly beautiful. The fog in the #2 field was thick and wonderful :)

    I took a walk all the way around the "B" field to see if there were any ewes out there with their lambs. I did really well. I am getting in better shape all of the time !!

    no lambs, but they will come in time. I hoped to get some on the ground this week because the weather is SO mild that they could have stayed out in the field with their mothers. Lambs are really tough :) as long as there is not a cold, beating rain. So if the weather conditions are not right, then I put them into the barn until the lambs are big enough to seek shelter on their own. I will go out on a miserable day and there will be 25, 30 lambs in the barn and their mothers are all out on pasture, eating.

    I am planning on walking the "B" field several times a day. I walk out to the east fence and touch the corner post, turn north and walk down into the gully, then back up, going west, until I hit the tree patch. After that I walk South East to the top of the ridge and then South West until I get to the gate. There is no way I can miss a lamb if i take this route and it is the longest one possible [so I can get into shape]

    I am excited about my life :) and my goals for hiking to Table Rock and then taking more hikes this summer.
    I would LOVE to be in shape enough to do the Portland Marathon in the fall. THat is my ultimate dream.
    Maybe if I stick with it :)

    I do know that i was reading Heather's Hiking Hiatus last night and one day she did 20 miles and it was VERY hard. We wills see! I am bound and determined to be in shape to hike Table Rock. It is an easy trail. About 7 miles round trip.

    ACK I am late.... the goats need to be milked and I need to get Boom out of her "Boom Boom Room" aka her kennel :) that is actually a room in the old mobile home that I use for storage :)