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Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Pictures!

sorry the link is not "clickable" .... I do not know how to do that....
so I guess you will have to work for it hahahaha

I am working on this page and thought I would share

there are some pictures of my baby goats, rabbits, the two big steers, and so on.

Enjoy :)


Blogger angrylilazngrl said...

hi lindy. your zoo is awesome.

when you want to link to a word or phrase, you can do that when you make your entry. simply highlight the word you want to be linked, go to the top of the toolbar and find the little "link" sign. it should be among the bold, italix, and underline commands. then a window will popup and you can enter the site where you'd like people to link. for example, if i want to explain to people it's been mighty cold here, i would highlight "cold" and then go to the link command at the top, and enter then people will be led to that site if they click the word 'cold.'

cool, eh?

and boom is a cutie....

3:56 AM  

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