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    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    New Pictures!

    sorry the link is not "clickable" .... I do not know how to do that....
    so I guess you will have to work for it hahahaha

    I am working on this page and thought I would share

    there are some pictures of my baby goats, rabbits, the two big steers, and so on.

    Enjoy :)

    Friday, January 06, 2006

    new beginning for a new year

    this blog became about Buddy's illness and his death that followed.
    As my life went on with out him, I left this blog behind because it seemed to define that place and time in my life.

    there have been new beginnings and life has gone on.
    I really do miss this blog and I am going to get back at it.

    First of all I need to introduce KaBoom.
    The last few days in October I received a call from my vet's office from one of the women who works there. She had found out about Buddy when I brought Grace in for her appointment. She had been part of rescuing a border collie female. This dog was not working out in her current home. I talked to the woman who had her and then came to get her a few days later. She has been with me for just over two months and she is doing fantastic. I am so happy to have her.