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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    New Kitty!

    New Kitty is home and all is well. I just discovered that she is a she for sure.
    She likes her kennel and is having trips out of the kennel now to explore the house. I need to close off the area under the sink so she does not get under there, get disoriented and then get lost .... My travel trailer there is a run way from under the sink that goes under the bed in the little bedroom, past the water tank, under the tub and then into the back bedroom. I don't think that would be a good thing for little miss KitKat at this point.

    The other news is that Shadow is tolerating Kitty just fine. She gets a little grumpy when Kitty comes too close, but that is ok because I do not leave them together unattended.

    Kitty is using the litterbox, which was a concern. I am glad :) I built a little "table" to go over the litterbox and covered it with a carpet scrap. Tomorrow I am going to put some carpeting on the bottom of the crate and replace the towels since she is using the box. Towels are washable :) carpet is expendable and free, but I hate to have to toss it.

    Kitty and I are getting along SO well. She was laying on the pillow today and I really wanted to get a picture, but my camera was on the other side of the room and I did not want to disturb her.

    She is allowing me to pick her up for short periods of time :) and I am working on her in these areas for when she goes to the vet. When I turn her out of the kennel she comes over and stands up and asks to get up on the bed.

    Oh, and the best news yet :)
    I made $95 today, so if all else fails I will take her to the vet and pay full price. I did call one person today and found that she does not have any resources. I am getting brave and calling my neighbor tomorrow to see. S said if I catch neighbor on a good day I may be able to talk neighbor into it, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    As I write this.....
    I have had a hard struggle with keeping my free range hens out of the cat food. My latest attempt ... I have a tote from the produce stand. It is roughly 4x4 and I have it standing up on blocks and on end. I have been putting the gang's cat food on the top of this tote... it is nearly 6' off of the ground and the cats can get up there to get their food and the chickens have not quite figured it out yet. But the stellar Jays have *laughs* but it is good to see these beautiful birds. I am going to get a picture of one tomorrow.
    AND because of this the cats have now discovered they can jump from the tote to the roof of the trailer. So as I sit here adding this entry there are three cats on the roof of the trailer running up and down. I do hope they are having a good time *laughs* because they are sure making a racket up there!!!! [now they have moved on... maybe to the mobile home roof?]

    I am getting two more cats this week [they will be farm cats not inside and can live in the mobile home if they want]. Two more from S. two young males that are bonded together. That will put me at 8 cats, since I lost Eddy a bit after Buddy. Gosh that was a tough patch.

    I wish I could take in dogs, but I can't. Cats are a different thing all together :) Maybe someday I will be able to take in dogs after I get a better situation set up for the cats [so they do not have to come to the front of my trailer for food and to "check in"] and I can get a much better fence. Also I do not worry about the cats chasing or killing the livestock!! Which is a HUGE concern with having dogs and sheep, goats, cattle, horses, not to mention chickens and rabbits!

    WOW how I ramble on!!!

    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    a new visitor to eruanno

    I was sitting at the computer and heard his "knock"
    I was really fortunate that I was able to get *his* picture this time.
    Last time he flew off before I could get a clear shot.