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Friday, September 09, 2005

raising baby rabbits

raising a baby rabbit on a bottle is not that hard!
There are excellent web pages online with information on how to do it. Baby bunnies [called kits] only need to be fed twice a day and only a few ounces. I raised mine on canned condensed milk. Others have been raised on cat milk replacer or goats milk.

I used an eye dropper with my bunnies so I could control how fast the milk came out.
I warmed the milk on the hot plate here in the trailer. I took a small sauce pan and put water in the bottom, then would put a small jar [about 8-12 ounce jar] in the water with milk in it. When it was warm to the touch I would take a dosing syringe and put the milk into a film canister. Next I would get a towel and pick the baby up and wrap them in the towel for security [and to catch the drips] and fed them with the eye dropper.

I kept a record of how much each kit ate at each feeding. When they started out I fed them three times a day [even though everything I read said that I should NOT do that] they were not eating enough to thrive so three times a day for the first few days worked out really well. I also gave them lots of berry leaves to eat. A wonderful thing to aid in digestion!

Eventually, just before they were to be weaned I gave them their milk in a tuna can and let them have free choice and I slowly decreased feedings as they increased eating hay, grass, and pellets.


Blogger angrylilazngrl said...

ohhh....that is so cute i can't hardly stand it. i grew up with bunnies and became a dog person when i hit 30. we had three...a flemish giant (22 pounds of bunny!) a lop, and a teeny little thing that wasn't more than four pounds. the first lived to be 12...the second 8, and the third maybe six.

have a goovy sunday.

2:43 AM  

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