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Sunday, September 25, 2005

only at my house

right now there is a 7 week old chick running around under my bed and or desk.
I can't seem to catch her.
I am attempting to get her to bond with the five chicks that I have raised in my yard all summer. They were smaller and too *unusual* to fit in the main flock so I took them out before worse came to worse.

So here is this pretty blond little chick running around. I brought them all in the rubbermaid tub that they sleep in and proceeded to drop the flashlight in the tub ... little goldilocks did not like that one bit, flew out and ran under my desk. As I tried to get her out she ran out the door and then under the trailer. I came in and decided to let her get over it and see what she would do next... seconds later she comes running in the house and runs under my bed [I live in a 7x14 space]

She is under there somewhere.

Suddenly I remembered why it is not a good idea to raise chicks in the house when they get to be this age.... they start to associate the house with a comfortable setting and it will be very hard to keep them out in the future!!

Capturing her means lifting up the mattress, which will tick off Shadow to no end. She has rarely been happy since I brought home the other cats. Can you blame her?

Now the chick is secure in the box with the other five.
We all can get some rest now

I mentioned the chicks that live in my yard and mom said "you mean the ones that live in your house"
never thought of it that way before.
farm life
that is just the way it is


Blogger angrylilazngrl said...

HAAAA! good story. your site is still a link on my site. i changed it to read 'a great blog about life on a modern farm' from 'about life with another epi pup.' we urbanites like reading about life in other places.

11:11 AM  

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