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    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    only at my house

    right now there is a 7 week old chick running around under my bed and or desk.
    I can't seem to catch her.
    I am attempting to get her to bond with the five chicks that I have raised in my yard all summer. They were smaller and too *unusual* to fit in the main flock so I took them out before worse came to worse.

    So here is this pretty blond little chick running around. I brought them all in the rubbermaid tub that they sleep in and proceeded to drop the flashlight in the tub ... little goldilocks did not like that one bit, flew out and ran under my desk. As I tried to get her out she ran out the door and then under the trailer. I came in and decided to let her get over it and see what she would do next... seconds later she comes running in the house and runs under my bed [I live in a 7x14 space]

    She is under there somewhere.

    Suddenly I remembered why it is not a good idea to raise chicks in the house when they get to be this age.... they start to associate the house with a comfortable setting and it will be very hard to keep them out in the future!!

    Capturing her means lifting up the mattress, which will tick off Shadow to no end. She has rarely been happy since I brought home the other cats. Can you blame her?

    Now the chick is secure in the box with the other five.
    We all can get some rest now

    I mentioned the chicks that live in my yard and mom said "you mean the ones that live in your house"
    never thought of it that way before.
    farm life
    that is just the way it is

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    raising baby rabbits

    raising a baby rabbit on a bottle is not that hard!
    There are excellent web pages online with information on how to do it. Baby bunnies [called kits] only need to be fed twice a day and only a few ounces. I raised mine on canned condensed milk. Others have been raised on cat milk replacer or goats milk.

    I used an eye dropper with my bunnies so I could control how fast the milk came out.
    I warmed the milk on the hot plate here in the trailer. I took a small sauce pan and put water in the bottom, then would put a small jar [about 8-12 ounce jar] in the water with milk in it. When it was warm to the touch I would take a dosing syringe and put the milk into a film canister. Next I would get a towel and pick the baby up and wrap them in the towel for security [and to catch the drips] and fed them with the eye dropper.

    I kept a record of how much each kit ate at each feeding. When they started out I fed them three times a day [even though everything I read said that I should NOT do that] they were not eating enough to thrive so three times a day for the first few days worked out really well. I also gave them lots of berry leaves to eat. A wonderful thing to aid in digestion!

    Eventually, just before they were to be weaned I gave them their milk in a tuna can and let them have free choice and I slowly decreased feedings as they increased eating hay, grass, and pellets.

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    moving on

    Thank God for the Fly Lady[]
    being self employed has been hard to get up and get going and keep going through the day. I just am taking it as well as I can. I find that if I need to cry then I should just cry. Keeping it back does not do any good at all and in fact makes it so much worse. I have also become even more of a hermit than ever. I rarely see my family. I take naps in the afternoon or make myself lay down for at least an hour... it really does help.

    How the flylady comes in ... I get up and make my bed and get dressed and put on shoes, and braid my hair. Then I read my mail for a bit... then I am able to go and do chores. Being with the animals has been a Godsend. Animals are just awesome. I am spending lots of time with Bright Eyes and Pixie, two of the rabbits that I raised on a bottle.

    That's me.... put me in a room full of people and I hide in the corner not knowing how to act... put me in a room with animals and I am right at home.

    Today I am actually productive. I made a marker for Buddy's grave and also cut a piece for the back of my poor pathetic dresser. Then I put the new back on. I am going to cut some sheet metal for the top of the rabbit cages and need to do some things to get stuff under cover because it is going to rain tomorrow. Feed is out in the weather because it has simply not rained. My goal is to get my front room mucked out so I can start sewing again. I have the need to sew.... I have so many sewing projects that are backed up for years and it is so soothing and healing for me.

    Well, then again :) running the table saw and the sander totally rocked too :) I know now that I can cut the boards I need for the sawdust toilet !!

    I bought, of all things, wind chimes yesterday to hang in the tree. I have a tiny, tiny one :) and the sound brings me comfort. So I bought 6 small ones and a large one. I am going to put the large one right outside the window by my bed. The little ones get hung in the tree above Buddy's grave. Somehow the sound .... I don't feel quite so alone.

    Dalf told me I am being too hard on myself. She is so wise. It is just when I compare myself to others I am so "weak" and "emotional" and I do not seem to be able to move on where as others in my family have not said a single word to me.

    I am going through my clothes as I am picking the place up and setting clothing aside for Katarina survivors that are coming to Portland this week. I am torn on where to give money.

    If there was a Katarina dog or cat out there that did not have a home, they could come and stay here with me. I have 6 cats all ready lol and there is room in my trailer and in my heart for a dog. Bud was a big boy, but a small dog could sleep on my bed.

    ~~ Lindy ~~
    "A heart can be broken, but it still beats just the same." - Fried Green Tomatoes

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    good-bye my friend

    Some things are over
    Some things go on
    Part of me you carry
    Part of me is gone
    ~ Tom Petty

    25 May 2001
    30 August 2005

    "That'll do Bud. That'll do"