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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

who knows-buddy

More of the waiting game.
Buddy went into status after 4 months of being seizure free, on Sunday morning. He had free run of one of the pastures [several acres] even at night because it is just too hot to sleep in my house, and when my dad went out to water the lambs that morning he found him. We have no idea how long his brain was cooking and when I got him to the vet his temp was nearly 109. After the trip to the vet I brought him home with the hope that he might recover.

He is still with us... and recognizes me. He is in no pain and is resting peacefully under the tree in the front yard, on a comforter, his favorite place. Yes, I could take him in, but to disturb him would be a horrible thing imho... it would be better for him to rest peacefully here in our front yard under the walnut tree with the cats and chickens walking by making their usual rounds surrounded by the calming farm noises and goings on that he is used to.

If he is going to make it or not, I don't know.

He is swallowing better, can move his limbs a bit more, and also moved his tail... I do not know if it was an attempt at a wag or not. I mourned all morning thinking that this is his last moment with me, and this afternoon I am hopeful and nearly manic. What a ride. I have made more electrolytes for him to give him shots for hydration. He is swallowing better, but still it is not a good idea to give him water/electrolytes orally because he chokes too easily and we don't want to give him pneumonia.

Just the waiting game.

I am hopeful because of the signs of strength I saw this afternoon and also because several people at the epi dog group have emailed me and said that their dogs came all the way back from status.

I only wish I knew what it was that made him have these horrible seizures.

The electrolytes should be cool enough now and I am going off to get them and give him some shots before it is chore time.


Blogger Shii said...

Your puppy-dog has epilepsy too? Yeesh, that's no fun, especially considering how violent those seizures can be......but, my dog has never gone into 'status'. Must be something I don't really know about......My prayers are with you and Buddy


9:26 AM  

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