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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


a few minutes later.....

Well I went to take his temperature and he moved his tail, moved his back legs and tried to move forward.
I started to give him some electrolytes via s.q. [under the skin in shots] and he rolled over on to his legs, lifted his head, and tried as hard as he could to get away from me. When I came back from the house just a minute ago he was making noises and trying to get away from his hot water bottle. I took his temp again and he is back up to normal.

Apparently he is not ready to give up !!! And you can count me right along with him.

This is a big change from this morning. I thought he was dying and here he is getting stronger.
Silly me.
All that mourning and sadness for nothing


Blogger Gini said...

YAY I can post comments here. :p
I am glad that the Budster's doing better. I am still praying for him. God's Will be done.

4:41 PM  

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