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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I am just adding to the events.... blog spot seems to get upset with me if I add too many posts in one day so this is the one for today. Thank you all so much for reading and thinking about Buddy in this time!!

now for the amazing update as of 1:30 pm Pacific time:
he ate half a small can of dog food today... then insisted on going outside to potty.
Walked around the tree [with my help of course ... he is a big boy! nearly 80#!!]
and ate some raw pureed liver later on.

What an amazing turn of events from yesterday when I thought for sure he was going...
He is completely aware of his surroundings and his condition and is VERY frustrated that his body is not cooperating.

Right now I need to go and see what he wants... he is talking at me. [he is a VERY vocal dog]

this morning:
This morning Buddy decided that he did not want to sleep on his side and wanted to sleep up on his "brisket" as mom would say. So I jumped up and helped him.

He is resting peacefully in the walkway through the little kitchen, which is a good spot because if I need to prop him up there are boxes lol I can lean him against [ug clutter queen here!]

the weather is cool again today and since he was having trouble staying warm yesterday afternoon I am going to keep him in.


Blogger MaxNErma said...

I am so happy Buddy is doing better today! I prayed for him. What a great life that boys has! Beautiful surroundings and a great Mommy. He is one lucky pooch! I hope he is giving you big SMOOCHES for all the love you give him.
Please keep us updated on his progress! Before you know it he will be running laps around in no time!
God Bless you both!
Becky and my epi Beagle Spencer!

4:53 PM  

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