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Thursday, August 25, 2005


After he ate his breakfast this morning [consists of pureed liver mixed with electrolytes to make it as liquid as possible so he can drink it] he announced that he wanted to go out. Oh, forgot to mention that he lifted his head this a.m. and held it up and looked at me. I got him outside and stood him up [not an easy feat for a nearly 80# dog!] and suddenly he took off! He ran flat out for about 50 feet and then collapsed. I went to him and helped him up and he continued this until he was down at his potty place, where he tried to take a proper pee as much as he could with my holding him up. He walked some more and then collapsed again. So I drove my pickup down there, when he heard the truck coming he got real happy knowing he did not have to walk back to the trailer. I got him in the back and drove him to the trailer and he was talking at me and I asked him several things and he ended up saying he wanted to go to bed. Then about 1:30 he wanted to drink more water. I bet he wants to go down to his potty place again so I had better go. He can sit up on his own now too. so we must be getting close to being out of the woods.


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