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Monday, August 15, 2005

those mad mad housers

this is a fantastic site. they build houses for the homeless so that they have a place to live and lock up their stuff.
human dignity in a small space.
it is not for everyone! but a fantastic idea all the same.

live in a space smaller than most sheds.... what is the dignity in that you ask.

it is warmth
it is safety
it is WAY more dignified than being in a shelter

I think we need to wrap our minds around the concept that there will ALWAYS be homeless people in our society. Not everyone wants to get off the street. we need to meet people "where they are" and quit judging them and trying to fit them into our narrow view of what is acceptable.

I think that madhousers is one great idea and a great way to start.


Blogger Norma said...

Hi Lindy,
I like your blog! Aren't they fun though. My baby brother kept the mud hole full of water this summer because of the tadpoles - we teased him about being a frog farmer and I think he loved it.

8:02 PM  

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