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Sunday, August 14, 2005

now at the begining

Just more words in an internet sea of blogs.

What can make this one stand out so much that it becomes useful. Not for my ego's sake [or is it?] but so that I can share information with even more people out there.

I live on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. I truly cannot imagine living anywhere else but up here on my hill with my animals. I have about 45 head of mixed breed ewes, 4 dairy steers, 7 ducks, 10 dairy goats, 70+ laying hens, baby chicks, 4 cats, and a wonderful farm dog.

I live in a trailer in my parents backyard and I farm the land that used to belong to my grandfather.

My goal for myself is to have a small house that is off-grid and to use as little money to live off of as possible and to live as close to the earth as I can.

{the picture with this entry is my sole property. please do not use it with out my permission}


Blogger Shii said...

Hiya! Welcome to the world of Blogger! Yeesh, I guess it's good thing I haven't killed my blog yet. That way I can post on yours! Yay! Oh, this is Gilly, the absent one, by the way..........

9:51 AM  

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