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Friday, August 26, 2005

how to move a VERY LARGE DOG

this is how I cart Buddy about.
I take a large sheet or comforter and put him on it. I put his head towards the way I want to go, and his butt towards the "end" of the sheet. I take the ends by his hiney and tie them together in a knot [with a heavy comforter I just take the two ends and just do the best I can, it usually holds fine]. Then I take the "top" and drag the sheet while he "rides" along. Sheets work great in the house on all surfaces [slicker the better lol]. His heavy comforter works great outside over the grass. The reason for the knot is because if I do not tie it, he will eventually slide off.

Buddy weighs nearly 80# and I am a big, strong woman, but even he is too much dog for me lol. and this works wonderfully!! I am getting a small ramp put up to our "porch" so I can pull him all the way into the house on extra bad days.


Blogger angrylilazngrl said...

that's great! i am not big, bc my people historically are not huge...tho we are good at math...but i digress. i am glad buddy has such a good advocate. here's hoping it cools off so you can keep a closer eye on him....

2:20 PM  

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