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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

free range chicks

This hen is one of mine and the chicks are all from the hatchery.

The best way I have found to raise chicks is to have a broody hen do all the work.
Here is how I do it.
When I have a broody hen move I her to a quite place at night (you can trick a chicken into nearly anything if you do it at night) then I see if she is still interested in nesting. If so, then I go to the hatchery and sneak the chicks under her at night !! The other part that I have found is that she should not be bothered. For instance... don't bother her to where she gets off the nest and then have your farm dog run her off because "chickens are not allowed in the yard". I make sure she is not upset and

I also like raising them in the summer vs the spring. They are outside with the hen and not under a brooder light. Much easier on all of us. They get to run around in the grass and eat grass and find bugs and scratch about.

This pen was fairly simple to make. I took a hog panel, cut it into pieces, covered it with chick wire and then put four pieces together. I used light gauge floral wire to attach the wire to the panels. If it is hot I put a tarp, sheet, or blanket over the cage to keep them in the shade and they always have cover from the sun and grass to eat. If it gets too hot then I either move them into the shade or filtered shade. When they are older I take a hose and wet down the old bed sheets to help keep them cool.

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Blogger bloo said...

lindy i want chickens so bad! how many do you have? can you post a pic of your coop setup?

love your blog

11:36 AM  

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