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    Friday, August 26, 2005

    Things I have learned through this battle with the Monster named Epilepsy

    #1 I can give valium I.M. to break up his clusters. If I had known this before I would have had some on hand. It takes 20 minutes for it to kick. I.V. is instant, BUT it takes about 20 minutes plus to get to the vets office and if it is a weekend or night call it can be longer.

    #2 the thermometer is my new best friend and so is the garden hose. Keeping him cool does not have to be a gentle measure. Hose him down. Sounds cruel! I never would have thought about doing this, but when a pup's brain and body is cooking at 108+ it is an emergency. They need to have their temps taken for the next two days after that to make sure they do not get too hot or too cold.

    #3 Liver and other organ meat is *magical*
    I could not get him to eat, but pureed raw liver can be ingested easily as long as they can swallow.

    #4 Hydration. I all ready knew that I could make sterile electrolytes [boil water for 20 minutes make sure EVERYTHING is sterile] and inject no more than 5 cc of electrolytes in several places S.Q.
    WHAT I DID NOT KNOW: I could have gotten an I.V. kit and done the same thing, setting it up to drip S.Q.

    I cannot think of anything else :) at the moment!


    and today it is even better yet.
    He is getting up on his own, but not real great yet. He can reposition himself, is eating well, drinking well, and so on. He does have a tendency to veer left when he walks, but I truly believe that is because of his bad hip and faintly remember him doing that in the past. So far no sign of brain damage or organ damage.... I am guarded still! but I do have great hopes for a full recovery.

    how to move a VERY LARGE DOG

    this is how I cart Buddy about.
    I take a large sheet or comforter and put him on it. I put his head towards the way I want to go, and his butt towards the "end" of the sheet. I take the ends by his hiney and tie them together in a knot [with a heavy comforter I just take the two ends and just do the best I can, it usually holds fine]. Then I take the "top" and drag the sheet while he "rides" along. Sheets work great in the house on all surfaces [slicker the better lol]. His heavy comforter works great outside over the grass. The reason for the knot is because if I do not tie it, he will eventually slide off.

    Buddy weighs nearly 80# and I am a big, strong woman, but even he is too much dog for me lol. and this works wonderfully!! I am getting a small ramp put up to our "porch" so I can pull him all the way into the house on extra bad days.

    Thursday, August 25, 2005


    After he ate his breakfast this morning [consists of pureed liver mixed with electrolytes to make it as liquid as possible so he can drink it] he announced that he wanted to go out. Oh, forgot to mention that he lifted his head this a.m. and held it up and looked at me. I got him outside and stood him up [not an easy feat for a nearly 80# dog!] and suddenly he took off! He ran flat out for about 50 feet and then collapsed. I went to him and helped him up and he continued this until he was down at his potty place, where he tried to take a proper pee as much as he could with my holding him up. He walked some more and then collapsed again. So I drove my pickup down there, when he heard the truck coming he got real happy knowing he did not have to walk back to the trailer. I got him in the back and drove him to the trailer and he was talking at me and I asked him several things and he ended up saying he wanted to go to bed. Then about 1:30 he wanted to drink more water. I bet he wants to go down to his potty place again so I had better go. He can sit up on his own now too. so we must be getting close to being out of the woods.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005


    I am just adding to the events.... blog spot seems to get upset with me if I add too many posts in one day so this is the one for today. Thank you all so much for reading and thinking about Buddy in this time!!

    now for the amazing update as of 1:30 pm Pacific time:
    he ate half a small can of dog food today... then insisted on going outside to potty.
    Walked around the tree [with my help of course ... he is a big boy! nearly 80#!!]
    and ate some raw pureed liver later on.

    What an amazing turn of events from yesterday when I thought for sure he was going...
    He is completely aware of his surroundings and his condition and is VERY frustrated that his body is not cooperating.

    Right now I need to go and see what he wants... he is talking at me. [he is a VERY vocal dog]

    this morning:
    This morning Buddy decided that he did not want to sleep on his side and wanted to sleep up on his "brisket" as mom would say. So I jumped up and helped him.

    He is resting peacefully in the walkway through the little kitchen, which is a good spot because if I need to prop him up there are boxes lol I can lean him against [ug clutter queen here!]

    the weather is cool again today and since he was having trouble staying warm yesterday afternoon I am going to keep him in.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    and if you have not had enough of my animals...

    here is the whole kitty gang. top row: Patchouli, Shadow, middle: Friendly and Eddy, bottom: Fuzzy G and BeBe

    they are all rescue cats... cats that were no longer wanted by their humans.
    Each one is spayed or neutered and they have a good life here on the farm.
    They are good at keeping the rodent population under control and with 80 acres and many barns and outbuildings there is a lot of "work" for them to do.
    I feel blessed to have each one of them in my life and feel extra blessed that I can give them a second chance!

    and the cat came back

    Well, hard to top Buddy letting me know he is willing to fight ... but more good news today is that Friendly came back.
    I stepped out of the trailer to check on Buddy and heard this obnixous cat over sitting on the hood of mom's truck [aka buddy's ambulance] and sure enough! It is Friendly! He has been gone since my attempted trip to Crater Lake! That means nearly two weeks! He sure let me know all about it and then I was so happy I opened up a can of canned pet food and gave all the cats a spoonful.

    Later when I stepped out of the trailer and said "Well hyia Friendly!" the other cats came running because they thought it was time for more food.


    a few minutes later.....

    Well I went to take his temperature and he moved his tail, moved his back legs and tried to move forward.
    I started to give him some electrolytes via s.q. [under the skin in shots] and he rolled over on to his legs, lifted his head, and tried as hard as he could to get away from me. When I came back from the house just a minute ago he was making noises and trying to get away from his hot water bottle. I took his temp again and he is back up to normal.

    Apparently he is not ready to give up !!! And you can count me right along with him.

    This is a big change from this morning. I thought he was dying and here he is getting stronger.
    Silly me.
    All that mourning and sadness for nothing

    who knows-buddy

    More of the waiting game.
    Buddy went into status after 4 months of being seizure free, on Sunday morning. He had free run of one of the pastures [several acres] even at night because it is just too hot to sleep in my house, and when my dad went out to water the lambs that morning he found him. We have no idea how long his brain was cooking and when I got him to the vet his temp was nearly 109. After the trip to the vet I brought him home with the hope that he might recover.

    He is still with us... and recognizes me. He is in no pain and is resting peacefully under the tree in the front yard, on a comforter, his favorite place. Yes, I could take him in, but to disturb him would be a horrible thing imho... it would be better for him to rest peacefully here in our front yard under the walnut tree with the cats and chickens walking by making their usual rounds surrounded by the calming farm noises and goings on that he is used to.

    If he is going to make it or not, I don't know.

    He is swallowing better, can move his limbs a bit more, and also moved his tail... I do not know if it was an attempt at a wag or not. I mourned all morning thinking that this is his last moment with me, and this afternoon I am hopeful and nearly manic. What a ride. I have made more electrolytes for him to give him shots for hydration. He is swallowing better, but still it is not a good idea to give him water/electrolytes orally because he chokes too easily and we don't want to give him pneumonia.

    Just the waiting game.

    I am hopeful because of the signs of strength I saw this afternoon and also because several people at the epi dog group have emailed me and said that their dogs came all the way back from status.

    I only wish I knew what it was that made him have these horrible seizures.

    The electrolytes should be cool enough now and I am going off to get them and give him some shots before it is chore time.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    free range chicks

    This hen is one of mine and the chicks are all from the hatchery.

    The best way I have found to raise chicks is to have a broody hen do all the work.
    Here is how I do it.
    When I have a broody hen move I her to a quite place at night (you can trick a chicken into nearly anything if you do it at night) then I see if she is still interested in nesting. If so, then I go to the hatchery and sneak the chicks under her at night !! The other part that I have found is that she should not be bothered. For instance... don't bother her to where she gets off the nest and then have your farm dog run her off because "chickens are not allowed in the yard". I make sure she is not upset and

    I also like raising them in the summer vs the spring. They are outside with the hen and not under a brooder light. Much easier on all of us. They get to run around in the grass and eat grass and find bugs and scratch about.

    This pen was fairly simple to make. I took a hog panel, cut it into pieces, covered it with chick wire and then put four pieces together. I used light gauge floral wire to attach the wire to the panels. If it is hot I put a tarp, sheet, or blanket over the cage to keep them in the shade and they always have cover from the sun and grass to eat. If it gets too hot then I either move them into the shade or filtered shade. When they are older I take a hose and wet down the old bed sheets to help keep them cool.

    {the picture with this entry is my sole property. please do not use it with out my permission}

    {the picture with this entry is my sole property. please do not use it with out my permission}

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    those mad mad housers

    this is a fantastic site. they build houses for the homeless so that they have a place to live and lock up their stuff.
    human dignity in a small space.
    it is not for everyone! but a fantastic idea all the same.

    live in a space smaller than most sheds.... what is the dignity in that you ask.

    it is warmth
    it is safety
    it is WAY more dignified than being in a shelter

    I think we need to wrap our minds around the concept that there will ALWAYS be homeless people in our society. Not everyone wants to get off the street. we need to meet people "where they are" and quit judging them and trying to fit them into our narrow view of what is acceptable.

    I think that madhousers is one great idea and a great way to start.

    Sunday, August 14, 2005

    never ceases to amaze me

    something new each day

    just keep your eyes out and you will find it

    {the picture with this entry is my sole property, please do not use it with out my permission}

    now at the begining

    Just more words in an internet sea of blogs.

    What can make this one stand out so much that it becomes useful. Not for my ego's sake [or is it?] but so that I can share information with even more people out there.

    I live on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. I truly cannot imagine living anywhere else but up here on my hill with my animals. I have about 45 head of mixed breed ewes, 4 dairy steers, 7 ducks, 10 dairy goats, 70+ laying hens, baby chicks, 4 cats, and a wonderful farm dog.

    I live in a trailer in my parents backyard and I farm the land that used to belong to my grandfather.

    My goal for myself is to have a small house that is off-grid and to use as little money to live off of as possible and to live as close to the earth as I can.

    {the picture with this entry is my sole property. please do not use it with out my permission}