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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    This Blog Has Moved

    Lindy's Homestead 2

    When I started this blog and also Lindy's Big Adventure I did not know that I could run both of them from the same dashboard. That is what I am doing now and since I could not move this one, I started another. Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly and I am sorry for the confusion.

    This blog will stay here for a few more months and then it will be deleted.


    Friday, July 14, 2006

    More Baby Chicks

    Long story! I will post more later.

    I'm sad to say that the one that was attacked by the older chicks has passed on. I was sad about it, but when I "peeped" at these chicks they ran to me, recognising my voice from when they were hatching out. I was able to bond with them. They are doing very well! It is pretty funny though, I have the fan on to keep me cool and I am trying desperately to keep them warm enough! They are happy right now with the lamp practically IN their box.

    I just love the expression on Shadow's face in this picture:

    black chick is Rose, the one on the right is Mimi. The one that is behind Rose is "Toughie", who I am convinced is a rooster. I am really sure that Rose and Mimi are girls.

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Partying With the Cows

    It was quite the site. I was in the corral getting it ready for the sheep. The livestock was fenced out of it all summer and the grass was very high, thistle and weeds had taken over, grass had gone to seed. So there I was cutting the grass with a ... yep! A pair of scissors! Dollar Tree scissors, none the less! I left to rest and have a snack and when I came back the steers had moved in. They decided that the grass they were "not allowed" was better than what they were eating. Actually I can understand why! It is so green and lush under there because it has not been subject to the harshness of the recent heat wave we have been experiencing here at the homestead. So there I was bent over, cutting grass with the scissors right long side my steers. What a hoot. I am sure that they thought I was grazing! They did a wonderful job and I did not have to listen to a machine using gasoline and polluting the air with both exhaust fumes and noise.

    The Bird Charmer

    I had another bird encounter! I have taken to standing in mom's backyard quietly and letting the tree swallows fly by me. Then yesterday mom was in her garden and I said to her "Look there is one of those tree swallows I was telling you about" and I pointed one out. Then I noticed that another one was with in 15 feet of me and was talking up a storm so I stood there and made a noise back at it, a pathetic attempt at his language *smile* but all in the same! We stood there "talking" for a couple of minutes. I knew that he was talking to me because he would cock his little head when I would "talk" back at him and he would look me right in the eye when he twittered back. This went on until his friend, who was roosting on a near by fence post took off and then he followed. I felt like I was Lucy in The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe!

    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    from Tue May 16, 2006

    This is a post from a group I belong to that I made back in May. I meant to post it here also, but knew I could always get back to it. I am adding the picture of my new friend.

    title: the most amazing thing just happened :)

    I always talk to the birds *laugh*
    especially chickadees because they are so easily immitated.
    Earlier today, about 11 am, I noticed a mourning dove in the hawthorne tree,
    calling. So I started calling back to him. When I looked later he was gone.

    Then just a few minutes ago I was sitting here with a mud mask on my face, feet
    up, just really enjoying relaxing because I stayed on task all day :) so I was
    rewarding myself, listening to Dr Phil on the tv [had my glasses off so it was
    listening lol] then I kept hearing the dove and wondered how close he was, and
    realized if I could hear him over the tv, he was really, really close! So I got
    up and looked out the door [everything is open because it is hot here] and there
    he was, in the tree that is in front of my trailer, calling to me!

    I took some pictures and I will upload the one that is the best later... but now
    I need to go for my walk. :-)

    What an amazing thing!
    Just thought I would share!

    Tree Swallow

    I just noticed this bird in mom's backyard today. I knew it was a swallow and also knew it was not a barn swallow.

    He is flying around, making happy chirping noises, and eating a lot of bugs.

    It is harder to tell from the pictures what he is but I am positive

    tree swallow

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    baby chick page

    baby chick's page

    here you will find a few pictures of the baby chicks. They are older now and in one of those awkward in between stages, but all 11 are doing fine. There are 3 boys and 8 girls and their mother is still with them, even though she does not have to be.

    momma hen is the sweetest chicken and I really enjoy having her here at the farm.

    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    boom earns her kibble

    I was at my parents house watching CSI on tv with my dad. I hear Boom outside at our house barking and barking and barking.

    I listened intently....
    this was not the "Hi Bridget" or "Hi Buster" bark [the neighbors' dogs]
    this was not her "hey there I see you human walking in the road" bark
    [we live in a rural location so this is an uncommon thing]
    it was more like her "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG! VERY WRONG" bark

    well the neighbor is running his swather on the crimson clover so mom thought it was that. I knew better. The sheep were all coming in because they listen to Boom [smart sheep but for them this was a false alarm] It was NOT a false alarm for the chickens though. I got the flashlight and started to walk over towards where she was facing, got to the chicken house and saw a skunk hop out of one of the nest-boxes and run out a hole in the back.

    Well well...
    so i went to investigate and sure enough the skunk had destroyed three eggs, but I was able to salvage more.

    Boom saves the day and earns her kibble :)